I find myself - and healing begins

Find yourself and your true greatness!

A valuable guide to self-healing and more quality of life!

, "I have written this book for all people who are looking for help and impulses for an optimal life. It is timeless. And so you can take it at hand from time to time and get inspiration for yourself and your life. Be it about the text, the wonderful pictures (which "speak" directly to the subconscious), the precious quotations from my teachers: Kurt Tepperwein, Robert Betz, Stephan LandsiedelRalf A. Zunker and myself - or about the precious websites I have given. Here the knowledge of nature is contained and therefore it is suitable for everyone. Independent of religion, skin colour, nation or purse."

Anna Katharina Lahs


The intention of the book is to lead the reader back to his true greatness and to use these qualities in HERE AND NOW for himself. 


This has successful effects on one's own life and on the lives of all those one deals with.  The content of this book serves the purpose of activating the pleasant side of life.

If you have had enough of the unpleasant side of life, this is just the right motivation to optimize yourself and your own quality of life.


We are all on the way to our own healing - back again, to ourselves SELF. Back to our TRUE NATURE: To THE PURE POTENTIAL, to PURE ENERGY - to the POWER that contains everything and ultimately carries everything within itself: To unconditional LOVE.  


My book is richly illustrated with expressive photos. Most of them the author and photographer has: Rosemarie Hofer photographed - Fotostudio Hofer in 56457 Westerburg.


Our subconscious "thinks" in pictures - this is becoming more and more public.  Each picture "speaks" with the viewer and gives valuable messages by thoughts. These inspirations, which are only activated by looking at the pictures, can be wonderful help. 


If, for example, you have a problem and don't want to read a text now, you simply take my book and your problem into your own consciousness, then thoughts can come to solve the difficulties. You close the book again and know how it goes on for you personally and what to do next.

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